Pepper’s software lets the robot welcome you when you visit the hospital or healthcare facility.

Are you are looking for a certain wing? Do you want to buy a quick present on your way? Pepper’s software can help you with that and much more. Of course there is also the friendly reception staff for more delicate questions.

The robot is a great help to nursing staff. He visits every room and asks patients how they are. If they need specific help, the robot calls the nurses. .

Meet the robot!

Zora’s software motivates young and elders in their recovery.

From paediatrics to geriatrics, Zora helps with interactive therapeutic exercises.

Those who are afraid of needles or injections are distracted by the ever-happy Zora. It’s no surprise children love robots!

Persons with a handicap love the company that Zora’s software offers.

The robot is already bringing great comfort to more than 300 healthcare facilities.

Meet the robot!

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Discover how Zorabots can improve your life. Always and everywhere.

Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.