You will have an unforgettable shopping experience when this robot is around.

Pepper’s software enables the robot to welcome you when you enter the store and wishes you a pleasant day with your purchases when you leave.

Are the trousers, vest or dress available in your size? Ask the robot! He knows exactly what’s available in the store and the warehouse. For fashion sense, however, you may need to find a human salesperson.

No one can remember the location of things in DIY stores as well as this robot does. From the smallest nail to the biggest saw blade, Pepper’s software guides you to the right shelf effortlessly.

Meet the robot!

No one remembers what Zora's software can remember.

She knows the most minute details of every product.

The robot helps you find what you are looking for and gives you the correct user instructions.

Meet the robot!

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Discover how Zorabots can improve your life. Always and everywhere.

Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.