Billy-Billy, a healthcare robot for everyone.

Billy-Billy is an interactive flowerpot whose goal is to make the lives of elderly people more comfortable and cozy.
With its sensors, Billy-Billy captures the temperature in a room and the amount of light that enters, in this way the humanoid robot can help elderly people in taking care of plants or herbs.

Billy-Billy is a product of Zora Bots.

Billy-Billy, your new friend.

What makes Billy-Billy unique?

Interactive flowerpot
Billy-Billy is a flowerpot who makes the life of elderly people more colourful in an interactive way.

Smart sensors
The sensors within Billy-Billy capture when your flowers or herbs need some water or more light.

Easy to install
Billy-Billy is ready for use after a few minutes. Some features require a internet connection.

Shared dashboard
Through a online platform family & friends can see how happy Billy-Billy is or they can send a text message to Billy-Billy.

Integrate calendars
Billy-Billy notifies when a nurse comes by or when a family celebration is planned.

Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.