Meet Pepper

Who helps you find what you are looking for?
Who greets you when you come in?
Who always welcomes you like a friend?

Who cares about you?
Pepper cares!

Say hello to Zorabot Pepper.
Filling your life with pep.

Pepper is based on the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics

Pepper's software shows you the way.

What makes this robot so perfect?

Always friendly.
He is always friendly and loves to help.

The smallest details.
He knows every detail of your business, your services and your products.

With his detailed map, he leads you and your clients to your goals.

Reads every line.
He scans every product and can tell you anything about it.

Prep up for Pepper

  • Sees everything, hears everything

    Pepper is the serving solution of the NAO robot of Softbank Solutions which has an eagle’s eye thanks to his high-resolution cameras. He also hears every noise with his adjustable microphones.

  • He is elegant

    This robot is not a stiff robot. His twenty motors guarantee fluid motion, and with his three wheels, he has freedom of movement.

  • He knows the way and your product

    It’s no effort for the robot to find his way at your facility or company. He knows everything about every product and service. This allows him to help your clients or visitors as the best butler in the world.

  • Sensitive down to his fingertips

    A network of sensors allows the NAO robot on which Pepper is based to feel everything down to his fingertips.

  • Walks along with you

    The robot keeps pace with you (3 km/h) and leads you to your goal.


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Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.