Meet Zora

Who helps you rehabilitate?
Who practices with your children?
Who motivates you until you feel better?
Who takes care of you?
Who keeps you fit?

Who cares?
Zora cares!

Say hello to our robot solution Zora.
Zora is there for you, for young and eldlerly people, for those who need help.
The first robot in the world that takes care of you.

Zora is based on the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics

Zora's software, your personal caregiver.

She wins hearts from paediatrics to geriatrics with her interactive therapeutic exercises.

She plays educational games while you wait for the doctor.

She looks like she’s your best friend – and she is. Feel free to give her a hug!

She never tires of helping and motivating you until you feel better.

She loves (rehabilitation) exercise. She encourages you to move while playing great music.

The robot’s unique senses

  • Always balanced

    Zora is the caring solution of the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics which has a human shape (57 cm) and 25 degrees of free movement. Whether walking or lying down, she is always balanced.

  • Expert in exploration

    With her sonar and the many sensors in her head, hands and feet, she has a perfect image of her surroundings.

  • Listens and speaks

    Four directable microphones and speakers allow the robot to listen and speak to people in a natural way.

  • Beautiful eyes with a sharp view

    The NAO robot on which Zora is based looks beautiful, has nice eyes, and can see very well thanks to two high-resolution cameras that record every tiny detail.

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Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.